HISIL MDF–KIT are a fast curing adhesives which are composed of cyanoacrylate and aerosol activator

Assembling and repairing wooden parts.In furniture,timber,kitchen and plastic industries.Fixing MDF, rubber, cork, leather, many of plastic surfaces.Metal, porcelain, ceramic,cardboard etc. Also it is suitable for the applications where the fast curing
are wanted.all surfaces should be dry clean and free from dust and grease.Surfaces should be smooth.Surfaces should implement full contact.You should use enough adhesive to all surfaces.



25 pieces whitin a box

It must be protected against water, frost and bad weather conditions.It must be kept on the wooden pallets at cool and dry conditions.The products that are opened must be consume dimmediately. It should be stacked maximum 4 layers.The product
storage is 2 years if the protection conditions shall comply with the above subjects
Keep out of reach of children. Protect from sunlight and don’t expose to temperature exceeding 50OC. Don’t spray pierce or burn even after use, don’t spray on a naked flame or any incodescent material.Use only in weel ventilated areas.

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