final cotton tape

final cotton tape

Cotton tape adhesive or final fabric, which is based on synthetic rubber and polyester, 15 meters long, 19 mm wide and 0.3 mm thick, to insulate all wires in the car and audio and video systems. And is an industrial electrical panel that has a very high resistance to moisture, heat and abrasion.

High heat resistant
Abrasion resistant
Very long life and resistant to environmental influences
Very easy to use by hand
Anti-ignition and ignition
Stability at -40 ° C to + 105 ° C
Moisture resistant
Excellent sound and media insulation
Resistance to abrasion and erosion
Very flexible and washable
Excellent resistance to aging and decay
black color
Insulation for car and vehicle wiring
Numerous applications in audio and video systems due to noise and moisture and heat insulation
The best option for assembling and arranging wires of electronic systems

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