PU FOAM is a multipurpose and single component polyurethane material becomes hard with humidity.

Application areas

filling up the spaces and assembling of doors and window frames.Filling of big cracks,holes and spaces.Filling up the
spaces at electronic and water installations. At the connection parts of the roof.

Progressing temperature

15℃ -25℃ (it is not recommended the working temperature under 50 C℃ because foam does not get harder.


All surfaces should be dry, clean and free from dust and grease .if necessary use a primer. Porous surfaces should be
pre-moistened with water

Shake can 20to 30 times vigorously before use. Screw the adaptor tightly into the valve. Use the can by reverse position.
Joints and cavities should only be filled 50%.

Cured foam can only be removed mechanically or with PU foam cleaner




16*300gr & 16*600gr & 16*845gr

It most be protected against water, frost and wheather conditions.The shelf life can reduce if the can is stored above +30oC℃ and
under +5℃ oC It must be kept on the wooden pallets and cool and dry conditions. You should keep it upright position. The products that are
opened must be consumed immediately. It should be stacked maximum 6 layers.the produst’s storage is 15 months if the protection conditions
shall comply with the above subjects.
Keep out of reach of children. The can should not be throwen to the fire. The foam should be used in well-ventilated areas. Don’t smoke
protect eyes, wear suitable protective clothes and gloves. This can is underpressure, because of that it shoudn’t be submitted to the
direct sunlight and it shoudn’t be heated above +50oC℃ as there is a risk of bursting.

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