It’s an acetoxy based insulation material, gets flexible in room temperature (RTV), strong to 330℃ temperature takes shape of the using place

Replaces cork, felt, asbestos, rubber etc. Motors (intake manifolds,oil pans,valve covers, axle covers, termostats etc. Electric and electronic tools. Pipes, water installations and these connections. Industrial ovens. At hot air cabals. joint places for vibration suction

Red , grey , black


48*30gr tube/box 40*85gr tube/box

It must be protected against water,frost and bad weather conditions. It must be kept on to the wooden pallets at cool and dry conditions. The products that are open must be consumed immediately. It shoud be stacked maximum 6 layers.
The product’s storage is 15 months if the protection conditions shall comply with the above subjects
Keep out of reach of children.The application should take place in well – ventilated rooms, so that cross linker vapours can escape.during vulcanization, a total of 4% acetic asid is released during these cross linker vapours may not be inhaled during long
periods of time or in high concentrations. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. In case of contact with eyes ,rinse immediately with water

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